Commercial Invoice Legalization | Creation

The Arab American Chamber of Commerce assists U.S. forwarders and exporters to create and legalize Commercial Invoices for use in the Arab Countries. AACC provides expedited C/ O legalization service including authentication from the US Department of State, chamber Stamp and consular certification from the embassy of the destination country in Washington DC.

Before you can request our service, ensure that the Commercial Invoice meets the following requirements:
  • Complete the certificate fully and accurately, download free Commercial Invoice Template
  • The CI must be signed by a corporate agent in a blue ink
  • Have it notarized and certified by your local Secretary of State

The following table contains the fees and the processing time required to legalize a Commercial Invoice for the Arab countries:

Country Set of C/I & C/O Only C/O Only C/I Processing Time
Algeria $386 $218 $218 12
Bahrain $220 + Fees To Legalize C/I - - 10
Egypt $320 $160 $160 10
Iraq $486 $268 $268 9
Jordan $85 $60 $60 3
Kuwait $225 $140 $115 7
Lebanon $70 $35 $35 1
Libya $ 246.00 + Fees To Legalize C/I - - 14
Morocco $178 $89 $89 7
Oman $ 320.00 + Fees To Legalize C/I - - One
Palestine $661 $358 $358 10
Qatar $202 + Fees To Legalize C/I - - 17
Saudi Arabia $100 6
Sudan $1344 $707 $707 12
Syria Call (202) 468-4200
Tunisia $315 $170 $170 5
UAE $ 185 + Fees To Legalize C/I - - 9
Yemen $325 $180 $180 15

Please click on your destination country for more price details
The legalization of a Commercial Invoice and a Certificate of Origin are obligatory to export any shipment to Bahrain, Libya, Qatar or UAE.

What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial Invoice is a certificate used for all export shipments for customs use. The commercial invoice is the primary document used for valuation, Taxation and customs assessments. The CI describes the cargo/goods being exported.

A commercial Invoice must include:

  • Both shipper and consignee contact information such as: complete name and address information.
  • Phone numbers, faxes and emails for both shipper and consignee
  • Reason for exportation
  • A complete description of the exported cargo include the weight, height and shape
  • Harmonized Tariff Codes of the exported items
  • Country of origin (where manufactured) for each commodity
  • Number of units, unit value, and total value (purchase price) of each item
  • Number of packages and total weight
  • Shipper's signature and date

How to prepare your request?

  • Ensure that your documents meet the previously mentioned requirements, If you are not sure, please call us on: (410) 757-5544 for verification first.
  • After that, prepare an envelope that contain all the following:
    • The documents that need legalization.
    • The payment: Money order and Company Check. Make it payable to “the Arab American Chamber of Commerce”
    • Your contact information including: your name, phone, email, and destination country.
    • A prepaid return airway bill to send the documents back to you after finishing.
    • Send the envelope to the following address:

      Arab American Chamber of Commerce
      1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis MD 21409
      T: (410) 757-5544


We encourage all customers to send their payment in the form of a company check or U.S. Money Order payable to: Arab American Chamber of Commerce.

We also accept Visa, Master card, and American Express credit card payments through US Arab Chamber of Commerce. (There will be an extra 5% handling fee for using a credit card)

Upon request for billing, pharmaceuticals companies that are registered with the FDA, patent and trade mark offices, and forwarding companies that have a current "G" account will receive their invoice with the certified documents.We also accept to bill our current customers whose charge of certification is under $300, as long as their account is current.


If you are using FedEx or-UPS-, please send a self addressed airway bill for return of your document. (make sure that it has your account number or your credit card number and expiration date, and that you have signed it).If you are using regular or priority USPS mail, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

Arab Chamber of Commerce
Headquarter Office
1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, B1
Washington DC - 20036
Tel: (202) 347-5800
Toll Free Tel: 1 888-939-ARAB

Arab Chamber of Commerce
1615 Bay Head Rd.
Annapolis MD, 21409
Tel: (410) 757-5544

Please send your certification requests to Maryland office to expedite the legalization process