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Arab American Chamber of Commerce

from the President


Our mission is to serve as the Voice of Business committed to the enhancement of economic prosperity and quality of life for Arab businesses in the United States.
To act as a united voice for Arab businesses, of all sizes and interests.


To unite Arab and American businesses for mutual benefit.


To participate in the development of public policy; as it affects economic growth and development for Arab businesses in the United States.
To effectively express the views of the business community to appropriate levels of government on matters of relevance to Arab businesses.
To promote private enterprise, business excellence, and individual achievement. To strengthen the organization through increasing its membership and resource base. 


Full legalization services for legal and commercial documents.

Expedite Services

Translate your passport and expedite your VISA for Libya.

Legal Services

The Legal Department of AACC offers services to help Arab importers in the Middle East and U.S. exporters.

Agent Program

Developed to assist companies to locate and hire agents for the Middle East.

Starting January 1st. 2009, the Arab American Chamber of Commerce and the US Arab Chamber of Commerce joined together with US Legalization to deliver complete commercial document services to U.S. exporters and forwarders.  Now, our office provides full service for all types of commercial and legal documents in most of the Arab countries. As a result of this joint venture, customers can benefit from our combined expertise, low price and fast service.
Many Arab countries have different documentation requirements for commercial documents (C/O & C/I).  Please refer to the table below for a quick reference for the fee for each individual country to certify commercial documents. For more detail, or for the fees for legal documents click on the desired country.

  Fee to certify  invoice and certificate of origin


Fee to certify  invoice or certificate of origin
  Chamber S.State D.State Embassy Service Total Chamber S.State D.State Embassy Service Total
Algeria LegalizationAlgeria * * * * * * 7 * * * * * *
Bahrain LegalizationBahrain 70 --- --- Click 70 * 5 N/A
Egypt LegalizationEgypt 50 20 16 110 54 250 3 25 10 8 55 50 148
Iraq LegalizationIraq --- --- 40 800 240 1080 5 --- --- 32 640 200 872
Jordan LegalizationJordan 50 --- --- 0 35 85 7 25 --- --- 0 35 60
Kuwait LegalizationKuwait 50 --- --- 125 30 205 7 N/A
Lebanon LegalizationLebanon 50 only chamber of commerce is required 50 1 25 only chamber of commerce is required 25
Libya LegalizationLibya * * * Click * * 7 N/A
Oman LegalizationMorocco 50 only chamber of commerce is required 50 4 25 only chamber of commerce is required 25
Palestine LegalizationOman 50 only chamber of commerce is required 50 2 25 only chamber of commerce is required 25
Morocco LegalizationPalestine 50 20 16 100 35 221 1 25 10 8 50 35 128
Qatar LegalizationQatar 70 --- --- Click 70 * 14 N/A
Saudi Arabia LegalizationSaudi Ar. 50 --- --- --- 25 75 2 25 --- --- --- 25 50
Sudan LegalizationSudan 50 20 16 1202 35 1323 4 25 10 8 601 35 679
Syria LegalizationSyria 50 --- --- Click 35 * 2 N/A
Tunisia LegalizationTunisia 50 --- --- 10 35 95 3 25 --- --- 5 35 65
UAE LegalizationU.A.E. 70 --- --- Click 70 * 4 N/A
Yemen LegalizationYemen 50 --- --- 200 35 285 7 25 --- --- 100 35 160
* The total price may vary depending on the amount of your invoice

Although there are many chambers of commerce in the United States most Arab countries require the Arab Chamber of Commerce stamp.
If your case only requires the chamber stamp without embassy certification, please click here to fill the form and include it with your document. The fee is $25.00 per stamp.

We now accept the invoice and certificate of origin in 2 different ways:
1- Document sent via FedEx, UPS or regular mail.
2- By email in PDF format. You must call after emailing so that we can confirm receiving the documents and that they are acceptable for certification.

As a convenience for our customers who need to create a C/O & C/I we have provided a fillable PDF online. Click here to fill the form, then print it, sign it and PDF it as per instructions above or mail it. 


We encourage all customers to send their payment in the form of a company check or U.S. Money Order payable to: Arab American Chamber of Commerce.
We also accept Visa, Master card, and American Express credit card payments through US Legalization.
(There will be an extra 3% handling fee for using a credit card)
Upon request for billing, pharmaceuticals companies that are registered with the FDA, patent and trade mark offices, and forwarding companies that have a current "G" account will receive their invoice with the certified documents. We also accept to bill our current customers whose charge of certification is under $300, as long as their account is current.


If you are using FedEx or -UPS-, please send a self addressed airway bill for return of your document (make sure that it has your account number or your credit card number and expiration date, and that you have signed it). If you are using regular or priority USPS mail, please include a stamped, self addressed envelope.


US Legalization
Attn: Arab Chamber Certification
1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis MD 21409
Tel: (410) 349 - 4900










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