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US Embassies in the Arab countries


4 Chemin Cheikh Ba chir El-Ibrahimi, B.P. Box 549 (Alger-Gare), 1600 Algiers, ALGERIA

Tel: [213](2)601-425/255/186

Fax: [213](2)603-979

Ambassador: Ronald Newmann

Economic/Commercial Officer: Robert Ford


Building No. 979 Road 3119 (next to Al-Ahli Sports Club), Zinj District FPO AE 09834-5100, Manama, BAHRAIN

Tel: [973]273-300

After hours
Tel: [973]275-126

Fax: [973]272-594

Ambassador: David M.Ransom

Economic/Commercial Officer:Donald A. Roberts


Plateau du Serpent, Blvd. Marechal Joffre B.P. 185, Djibouti, REPUBLIC OF DJIBOUTI

Tel: [253]35-39-95

After hours
Tel: [253]35-13-43

Fax: [253]35-39-40

Ambassador: Terri Robl

Economic/Commercial Officer:Joel Maybury


Currently there is no U.S. embassy.


P.O. Box 354, Amman 11118, JORDAN
APO AE 09892-0200

Tel: [962](6)820-101

Fax: [962](6)820-146

Ambassador:Wesley W. Egan, Jr.

Economic/Commercial Officer:Gary Grappo


P.O. Box 77 SAFAT, 13001 SAFAT, KUWAIT
Unit 69000, APO AE 09880-9000

Tel: [965]242-4151 thru 90

Fax: [965]244-2855

Ambassador: Ryan C. Crocker

EconomicRyan C. Crocker

Commercial Officer: Johnny E. Brown


Antelias, P.O. Box 70-840, Beirut, LEBANON, FPO AE 09836-0002

Tel: [961](1)402-200, 403-300, 416-502, 426-183

Fax: [961](1)407-112

Ambassador: Richard H. Jones

Economic/Commercial Officer:George W. Brazier III


Currently there is no U.S. embassy.


B.P. 222, Nouakchott, MAURITANIA

Tel: [222](2)526-60 or 526-63

Fax: [222](2)515-92

Telex: AMEMB 5558 MTN

Ambassador: Dorothy Myers Sampas

Economic/Commercial Officer:Steven Craig Walker


2 Avenue de Marrakech, PSC 74 Box 003, APO AE 09718

Tel: [212](7)762265

Fax: [212](7)7656

Telex: 31005M

Ambassador: Marc Ginsburg

Economic/Commercial Officer:Alexandra M. Sundquist


P.O. Box 202, Code No. 115, Muscat, OMAN

Tel: [968]698-989

After hours
Tel: [968]699-049

Fax: [968]604-316

Ambassador: Francis D. Cook

Political/Economic Officer: Marc L. Desjardins

Economic/Commercial Officer: Alan D. Oslick


149 Ali Bin Ahmed St. Farig Bin Omran (opp. TV station), P.O. Box 2399, Doha, QATAR

Tel: [974]864-701/2/3

Fax: [974]861-669

Ambassador: Patrick N. Theros

Economic/Commercial Officer: Brian Halla


Collector Road M, Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter, AMEMB UNIT 61307, APO AE 09803-1307, Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

Tel: [966](1)488-3800

Fax: [966](1)488-3237

Ambassador: Wyche Fowler

Economic Officer: Robert Dry

Commercial Officer: Mike Frisby


Currently there is no U.S. embassy.


Sharia Ali Abdul Latif, P.O. Box 699, Khartoum, SUDAN, APO AE 09829

Tel: 74700

Telex: 22619 AMEM SD

Ambassador: Timothy M. Carney

Economic/Commercial Officer:Genevieve J. Pratt


Abou Roumaneh Al-Mansur St. No. 2 - P.O. Box 29, Damascus, SYRIA,

Tel: [963](11)332-814, 714-108, 333-0788

After hours
Tel: 333-3232

Fax: [963](11)224-7938

Telex: 411919 USDAMA SY

Ambassador: Christopher W.S. Ross

Economic/Commercial Officer:David H. Rundell


144 Avenue de la Liberte, 1002 Tunis-Belvedere, Tunis, TUNISIA

Tel: [216](1)782-566

Telex: 18379 AMTUN TN

Fax: [216](1)789-719

Ambassador: Mary Ann Casey

Economic Officer: Robert Blake

Commercial Officer: David R. Fetter


Al-Sudan St. P.O. Box 4009, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Tel: [971](2)436-691 or 436-692

After hours
Tel: [971](2)435-457

Fax: [971](2)435-441

Ambassador: David C. Litt

Economic Officer: Paul R. Siekert

Commercial Officer: Charles Kestenbaum


Dhahr Himyar Zone, Sheraton Hotel District, P.O. Box 22347, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen

Tel: [967](1)238-843/52

Telex: 2697 EMBSAN YE

Fax: [967](1)251-563

Ambassador: David Newton

Economic/Commercial Officer: Gregory Hicks


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